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Loud As Folk is a hub of the west coast songwriting scene focused on highlighting emerging artists with unique approaches to all genres of American roots music. The organization is based in Reno, NV operating a full service, private recording studio and presenting a live showcase the first Thursday of every month at Pignic Pub & Patio. Loud As Folk also produces a touring revue that regularly visits California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Utah.

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In The News - Tahoe Onstage 

Tony Contini from Tahoe Onstage had some very kind things to say after the 4 days of festivities we threw to celebrate 7 years of Loud As Folk. Check out the articles by following the links below.

LINK>> Loud As Folk: Spotlight shines on Reno songwriters by Tony Contini

LINK>> Day 2: Loud As Folk fest showcases Reno’s supergroups by Tony Contini

LINK>> Day 3: Hungover As Folk as Reno festival rolls forward by Tony Contini

LINK>> Day 4: Loud As Folk cultivates kinship with Reno music by Tony Contini

Awards & Mentions - Reno Gazette Journal 

LAF Recordings Takes #9 in Year End Top 20 
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#9 Greg Gilmore - Who Am !? 
"With an acoustic guitar-picking arrangement tastefully augmented by haunting violin and cello, and a voice quavering like Jack White’s, Gilmore evokes the resignation of existence that is rooted in the age-old blues — although this song echoes as if sung from a high mountain, not down in the Delta plains. By the way, Gilmore has placed in this annual roundup more times than any other artist: seven times.'" - Mike Sion, RGJ 

Awards & Mentions - Reno Gazette Journal 

LAF Recordings Take #6 and #17 in Year End Top 20
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#6 Rigorous Proof - AK-47 
"Rigorous Proof recorded this catchy, grooving, prog-rock number for the newly launched Loud As Folk Records in Reno. The strumming guitar riff and warbly, retro keys support singer Johnny Harpo’s restrained but biting attack on a devious ex-lover, with a feel that seems begotten from Steely Dan. Tom Gordon’s judge’s comments: 'Hip arrangement! Good tune and vox.'" - Mike Sion, RGJ

#17 Silver - Black Lipstick 
"Silver is the new rock band fronted by singer-songwriter-guitarist Greg Gilmore, whose previous bands, The Kanes and KARMA, scored first and second place, respectively, in the Gazette-Journal’s roundups in 2013 and 2015. Gilmore’s throaty, off-kilter vocals wail this a rocking love letter (with a tip of the bottle to the lyrical device of the Beatles’ “Eight Days a Week”) to a wild lady love. The song is tautly crafted with cranky guitar solos and a classically repeating chorus." - Mike Sion, RGJ

In The News - Reno Gazette Journal 

Reno Music Beat: Loud As Folk Records nabs airplay for local artists
by Mike Sion click here for original article

Loud As Folk Records was not strategically plotted out as a record label. There was no detailed business plan, crowdsourcing campaign or funding pitch made to angel investors. Like so many of the artistic ventures incubating among the restless young creatives in the Biggest Little City, Loud As Folk Records came about organically. Even spontaneously. 

But the little startup endeavor — organized this year by local musicians Spike McGuire and Greg Gilmore after they got home from a regional tour by van — already is building a buzz. 

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On The Radio - 100.1 KTHX 

Week long takeover of "Local's Only"

If you are in the Reno, NV area be sure and tune in to 100.1 KTHX FM every day next week (December 19th-23rd, 2017) at 6am and 6pm to hear the world debut of 5 new singles from the Loud As Folk Recording Studio.

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